How to Protect Your Edges When Wearing Lace Wig

1. Make Certain To Secure The Wig Within The Right Position

It’s answer to secure the wig within the proper placement. In the end, should you accidentally attach your lace front wig too much before your natural hairline, it may cause chafing which will irritate your scalp. If accidentally placing it too much behind your hairline, it may lead you to mistakenly apply glue for your natural hair.

Thus, please pay more attention whenever you fall into line your lace front wig. Throughout the installation process, carefully trim the additional lace in order that it lines track of your hairline. Be careful to chop neither the wig nor your personal natural hair vendors.

Besides, before installing the wig, it is advisable to cornrow or wrap hair inside a silk cap before installing, which supports the wig look natural and may concurrently secure the wig in position and safeguard your edges when putting on a lace front wig. Obviously, provided you select a cap that carefully matches the skin color.

2. Use The Proper Way To Secure The Wig

While glues aren’t the safest of options, they certainly possess the most basic-searching results. If at all possible, we advise using glues for many special events only, for example weddings, graduations, holidays, so that as sparingly as you possibly can.

Simultaneously, please choose the best glue which will make your wigs look fresh for several days or days, and could be effortlessly detached without pulling your natural hair. In the end, if selecting the incorrect glue, you might be stuck applying and want to reapply heavy, possibly irritating glues that may leave your scalp flaking or perhaps your edges in tatters.

3. Test If You’re Allergic To Connect Before You Apply

To prevent scalp allergically, drop a tiny bit of your preferred adhesive on the sensitive area, for example in your inner arm, within your wrist, or behind your ear. Around the next morning, take away the Band-Aid and appearance the skin for irritation or redness.

4. Properly Install Your Wig

To be able to safeguard your edges when putting on wigs, make certain the lace wig isn’t too big or not big enough, which inserts your mind properly. And don’t put an excessive amount of stress or tension in your mind.

This is a video regarding how to placed on a lace front wig properly for you personally like a reference.

5. Take Away The wig Properly

If we have been putting on full lace wigs for some time, we have to take away the lace wig from wholesale wigs some while and provide the scalp and also the hair a rest. Go ahead and take proper tools, and remover to get rid of your wigs correctly in order that it does not damage or discontinue the perimeters or even the hair.

To get rid of a wig securely and reduce the chance of damage, lightly use a trustworthy adhesive remover for example Master Tape C2. Then use the adhesive having a q-tip to lightly release the glue and gradually peel the wig from your scalp, working gradually and thoroughly in one side of the mind to another. Within the finish, follow-up having a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any excess residue, and make certain to get rid of any glue residue in the wig itself.

6. Choose A Glueless Wig

Now, there’s an array of straps that are adjustable and small combs to help individuals secure the lace frontal wig. You may also choose a glueless wig to prevent glue and so forth the trouble, for example V part wig, U part wig, headband wig, and so forth.

But you have to take some more effort to skip the glue making them as natural like a lace front wig.

If you’re a wig lover and put on wigs frequently, try these pointers to make certain that you could preserve your edges and make certain the edge is undamaged.

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