5 questions and answers about body shapers

In some clothes, it is necessary to use something to shape the body, leaving it with a perfect curve. That’s when the body shaper comes in, this intimate piece is used to enhance women’s curves and is an infallible trick for when we want to wear a look that defines our silhouette, leaving it impeccable. This type of clothing helps to shape the contour of the body, making it more proportionate and attractive. In addition to the incredible effect it causes, the modeler still increases our self-esteem, leaving us safe and full of self-confidence.

The coolest thing is that there is not just one type of modeler, on the contrary, you can choose the one that best suits your biotype and occasion. To help you choose the ideal one for you, we’ve separated some of the most asked questions about modelers!

What are body shapers for? As the name says, the model enhances the curves and shapes the silhouette, hiding imperfections and enhancing the body of each woman. They are usually made of fabric, and many are understanding. It resembles the famous corset, however, it is a thousand times more comfortable. In addition to the waist shaper, we also find several models of butt lifter shapewear.

How to choose the modeler? Each modeler has its own role, and as each of us has a different body, it is normal that your modeler may be different from someone else’s model. If you want to hide your belly, panty-shaped modelers are the most suitable. If you want to disguise thick thighs, you should adhere to the model in the form of shorts. Finally, if you want to define your waist and back, you should choose the bodysuit.

Which size to choose? Now that you already know what types of modelers are, it is important to think about the size, as the modeler is an underwear, stores usually don’t change. That’s why it’s important to take the measurements and get it right when choosing your full body shaper.

Don’t leave these allies out of your life, they disguise fat, make your curves more modeled, increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence!

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