how to choose engagement ring

Since the time of the Egyptians, the promise rings was used as a way of demonstrating the confidence men had that their brides would make good wives. Many years later, the Roman bride and groom would give the bride the so-called anulus pronubus, which was a simple iron band to seal their intention of commitment.

As we can see, making the proposal with an engagement ring is a tradition that has been carried out for centuries and that is maintained, until the present day, with the difference that nowadays, what unites a couple is love, without any other type of obligation. The engagement ring was supposed to be a surprise. But the person in charge cannot make that choice relying on luck, nor be carried away by the opinions of third parties, who can often be wrong with regard to the bride’s taste. It is very important to have the experience of professionals and the opinion of people close to you, but this choice must go much deeper than that. All this because this piece must be unique, as it must accompany your love throughout your life, in addition to representing a unique moment in your history.

Engagement rings are placed on the right hand and the wedding ring on the left. But these days, the couple is already free to make their choice. We know that many couples do not follow “traditions” and like to create their own protocol. Or, there are couples who just feel comfortable wearing rings on one hand. There’s no problem with that. When to which finger, it is no coincidence that the ring is placed on the ring finger. This is because the Egyptians considered the fourth finger to have a vein that led directly to the heart! The fact of putting the ring on that finger would make the feelings unite the couple and not escape through the fingertips.

How to choose wedding rings may seem simple. But it is not. Before starting and taking the first step, you need to be realistic. Especially with regard to the engagement ring, the first expense of the upcoming celebration. You need to keep in mind about how much you can spend on organizing the wedding, even if it’s a starting guess, before buying the ring that will be the beginning of everything. After that, the most serious expenses will come and you have to control your finances.

Personalization is one of the most important concepts of a wedding. We always talk about the importance of having a unique style and demonstrating it at such an important time. So, just as we tell brides to be themselves on their big day, the same should happen with the engagement ring, so you should know Jeulia models.

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