“My coat, my cocoon.” The coldest season of the year is approaching and it’s time to go through the closet to review what’s there and what you need to buy to face the winter. Elegance and protection are a perfect match for a cold day. In addition to choosing the ideal coat, it is necessary to know very well which pieces go well with the one chosen, without running the risk of looking like a snowman. No matter what your style or body, there is a coat in the world that was made for you and to discover it you will need to try it on! Don’t be afraid of the dressing room, try several sizes and models, the blazer and trench coat, as they are made with thicker fabrics, they can impede some movements, so the “hug test” is essential.

The trench coat is a long coat, usually worn with a sash marking the waist. This piece looks beautiful both in sober colors like black, and in colors like cobalt blue, yellow and red. Coordinating the trench coat with the rest of the look is very easy, it fits well over dresses and favors any simple pants and shirt production.

The leather jacket is a versatile piece and full of attitude, you can find it in the most diverse models and colors, not to mention that it is one of the most successful women clothing online. The “perfecto” became one of the darling jackets and despite the rock’n’roll look, today it is used even in the cutest looks! For night productions, invest in a nice high heel.

The cardigan is an open-fronted cardigan, usually made of knits, which has become a joker in women’s wardrobes. It can be short, just above the hips (indicated for the short ones) or long, colorful or printed and it’s very easy to coordinate with the look, it goes well in dresses, skirts, shorts, sneakers, boots and what else your wardrobe has. Bet on accessories to make the production more elaborate.

The blazer is another versatile piece that every woman needs to have, elegant, it can be found in a multitude of colors, patterns and prints, just find what suits you best. It is very important that it wears well on your body, the buttons should close snugly and the shoulder seams should be in the right place. Being one of the most used options for women’s long winter coats!

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