Mother and daughter looks: how to use looks

At a certain point in childhood, there is that magical identification between mother and daughter, in which the girl begins to mirror her mother. Nothing more natural, since, throughout their growth, the little ones absorb their parents’ attitudes. That’s what happens in fashion like mother like daughter: both wearing accessories and even looks the same. In addition to being fun, the like-mother-like-daughter fashion can help you and your little one become closer, strengthening the complicity of the relationship between the two. When it emerged a few years ago, in the United States, this trend was seen both among mother and daughters and among children who wore looks similar to those of their dolls.

There are several ways you and your little one can experience this trend and have fun parading around. The coolest part is that it can be put into practice by mothers and daughters of all ages and on different occasions: from a children’s party to a walk outdoors or on a family shopping trip. You can match your daughter with looks with the same style of dresses or just using similar accessories, such as bags, shoes and pieces with the same colors or prints.  The same goes for swimwear: whether at sea or in the pool, mother and daughter can match their swimwear and even the prints of their bikinis or bathing suits. For the more detailed, you can include slippers, hats and sunglasses.

There’s even Mom taking this matching family clothes trend to bedtime, matching her nightgown or pajamas with her princess’s and making this moment more fun. Anything goes to enjoy the best of this game: expand the interaction with your little one and strengthen the emotional ties and complicity between you.

When choosing the pieces, the only rule is to think about the comfort of the child, who needs to feel comfortable and with free movement. After all, your daughter will not stop being a child and, for sure, she will not resist an invitation to play. But of course you don’t need to be tied to a specific occasion to try on mommy and me dresses, nor do you need to go out with her matching outfit every day. It was made for you to enjoy!

I hope you like it, until the next post!

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