how to choose your men’s casual pants

Some pants are very similar and you may find that the only difference between them is in color or fabric. However, the variations also include cut and fit, and it is these details that make a particular piece more suited to specific places and situations. Jeans, for example, are democratic and, because they are made in five main styles (straight, bootcut, loose, slim and skinny), they fit perfectly into various body types. For starters, before deciding which is the best men’s jeans for you, it’s good to check their fit, that is, the way the fabric looks on the body. And to help you understand the types of cuts you have, I made a list, look:

Straight cut: for any occasion. This model is also called traditional and is made with a straight fit from the hip to the bar. It fits any body type well, as it is neither too tight nor too baggy. Besides, it’s good for a little more serious occasions, like a work meeting, or for everyday life

Slim fit: Fits snugly to the body. The slim fit, on the other hand, comes with a straight cut down to the knees and then fits tight on the heel. It’s a sophisticated type and easy to assemble compositions, because it goes well with shirt, t-shirt, jackets and blazer. It is ideal for those who want to modernize their wardrobe and have young fashion clothing.

Skinny: For a cool look. Now, if the idea is to leave a youthful look, it’s worth betting on skinny pants. It’s fair enough and can even come with rips and a wash. But look, this model is only suitable for casual events. Hence, it is worth combining the mens casual trousers with t-shirts, sweatshirt and sneakers.

Did you know that you can find men’s jeans in different shades and washes? So it is! The dark ones, like black and blue, have a more serious look and are good to work with or to put on with social pieces. The whites, on the other hand, highlight the legs and are better to use on a walk during the day with family or friends. And for those who need wild pants in the wardrobe, they can invest in those classic medium wash blue jeans, they are a piece that goes well in any occasion.

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