know what clothes you need to have in the fall

Autumn by itself is a very interesting season. The mild climate that settles in most Brazilian cities is an invitation to experiment a lot in style, using beautiful and practical pieces. Autumn’s characteristics vary depending on the longitude and latitude of your location. In the northern hemisphere, for example (especially in regions closer to the poles), there is the traditional phenomenon of falling leaves from trees. To the south, however, this does not happen. However, in general, autumn is known as a transition season. Therefore, it has characteristics that belong to both winter (the next season) and summer (the previous one). Temperatures tend to be mild and there is no heavy rainfall.

Next, let’s look at some of the must-have items in your wardrobe during this season. Check out!

Purses: Purses are essential at all times of the year, and this is no different during autumn. Bet on sober and neutral colors that match the weather of the season.

Boots: Boots are a great addition to any autumn look, especially those made of materials like leather. Elegant, sensual and at the same time comfortable, they are great for bringing practicality and beauty to your style.

Scarves: Using scarves is a good idea not only to protect certain areas against the sometimes cold winds of autumn, but also to make your look much more beautiful and stylish. Also, they can bring a splash of color to very monochromatic compositions.

Sweaters or cardigans: Finally, an essential item to go through the autumn are sweaters or cardigans. Thinner than the traditional “cold clothes”, they are extremely elegant and have the ideal composition for the weather of the season. See some options on the women’s fashion clothing.

How to choose and compose the best looks?
The best way to choose the items to compose your autumn wardrobe is always to look for quality pieces, made with durable materials and that go well together. Investing in wildcard items is also a great option!

Also, always prioritize what suits your style. Feeling comfortable and well represented is essential, as fashion is all about expressing our personality and state of mind.

Did you like to know a little more about autumn fashion? With these tips, it’s much easier to create really beautiful looks and, above all, practical and comfortable. This way, you won’t be stuck in the middle of the season’s weather and will still follow the main trends, fall outerwear.

Another great tip to create excellent autumn looks is to use and abuse leather pieces and accessories, a resistant, beautiful material that goes well with different styles. It is worth checking!

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