How to choose the perfect women’s sweater

Whether in winter or on cooler days, the sweater is an essential piece, as, in addition to being warm, it is classic and full of charm. The styles of trendy womens sweaters can range from open with buttons, to closed and with different collars. The open sweater is ideal for not so cold days and can be worn with a skirt and dress. A great tip is to wear a belt over the top to help define your silhouette. Closed models may vary depending on your type of collar. The V-neck is the most classic, but there are also sweaters with bald collar and turtleneck, in the shape of a windbreaker and the famous pullovers.

If there is a classic and accurate combination for cold days, it is without a doubt the sweater and leggings duo. In addition to being comfortable, both pieces leave us warm and with the face of winter. Longer sweaters help to take the focus that leggings provide to the hip, disguising the fat and leaving the appropriate combination for the work environment.

To complement the looks with sweaters, bet on boots, shirts under the coat and trendy women’s tops. If the intention is to make the look more relaxed, choose printed or colored leggings. The choice of collar also helps add style to the sweater and legging combination. Longer necklaces look great in more casual looks.

Care for accessories: large earrings, maxi-necklaces, bags or a nice pair of tall boots raise any production. On colder days, choose to wear pantyhose as leg protection. The long boots can also do this function, in addition to leaving the look more sophisticated and modern. For hotter days, bet on light and colorful colors, giving a more summery look to your look.

Bet on the sweater, whether on colder days or cooler moments. It is a super versatile and full of possibilities coat. Be careful when washing, ironing and storing your sweater, following the label guidelines you will have your new coat for much longer. Kick off combinations and make your cold days a time to wear your sweater.

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