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Wearing a basic t-shirt does not imply a basic look. Today, the t-shirts gained a more charming look and, with that, they started to be called by the name in English, t-shirt. The piece is quite versatile and there are no restrictions on its use. It goes from basic to fashion. Comfy tops have invaded the streets and are already considered indispensable pieces in the female wardrobe. They can be used in all ways, making a rock or romantic style.

Despite the versatility of the piece, however, there are some pieces that go better with the t-shirts and form incredible and democratic looks. Check out what these combinations are and some usage tips:

The flare pants, because they are tighter at the hip and wider from the knee down, build a silhouette that elongates the woman’s body. To form a tidy look, good for the day to day, use a wider and shorter t-shirt, which does not cover the hips too much. To finish, drag on the accessories and the heel.

The skinny pants, for being very tight, better define the woman’s body. Darker colors and thicker fabrics help not to over-mark.

A good contrast to the shape of the skinny pants is a wider top. Wider and longer T-shirts make an interesting counterpoint and create a very stripped-down look. If you want to make the look more stylish, more fashion, bet on a scarf or a blazer, to give a belt too.

Skirts have a wide variety of models, as well as shorts, but with a more feminine touch. It is easy to adjust the skirt to your style, creating more romantic, tidy or even more stripped-down looks. Using the t-shirt inside the skirt, you can combine a blazer and a heel.

The t-shirt is a simple piece to wear and simple to find. With the variety of models available, it is easy to find the perfect cheap trendy clothes for you.

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