Scarpin: how and when to use this classic?

If the pumps remain in the closets of thousands of women to this day, it is because they are extremely versatile, combining different styles and occasions. It transforms even the most basic productions, bringing an air of very charming elegance. So, don’t think that they can only be used in formal situations. At a dinner or a walk in the mall, for example, you can wear jeans with scarpin, a balance between casual and refined, bringing an element that carries style and practically stars in the production, but without being too tidy for the occasion . In a formal situation, how about betting on a midi dress with pumps? This look brings the classic footwear with a current piece, leaving the look refined and also modern, with that fashionista air that we love.

On a daily basis, adding a T Strap Heels to the production leaves the basic look with a more feminine and elaborate look, especially when it comes to a classic heel like the pumps. The posture changes and so does your attitude. However, in more casual looks the tip is not to abuse it at the height of the heel. The pumps are very famous in work looks, especially for those who need to follow some dress code. If your job requires formality, bet on neutral tones that will certainly have no error in production. Another tip for this same type of look is to combine the pumps with tailoring clothes. Clochard pants, a shirt, a blazer and a good bag will help to finish off the look and you will be extremely elegant.

The shoe has been passed down from generation to generation, it is common for you to find adaptations of the model itself. the main tip here is: follow your trend, your essence. If you are a discreet woman, prefer the more traditional models, with more neutral colors, such as nude or black. If you have a stronger personality, prefer those that have applications or even have been developed in more vibrant colors, such as Mary Jane Heels.

Brings sophistication and fashion information to the look
Makes you more chic and elegant
It is a timeless piece and can be used in all seasons
It is very wild: it lengthens or decreases visually (with the bicolor tip); matches dress, skirt, pants, shorts…
Makes you more posture and conveys credibility / confidence
Get out of the basics

I really hope you like it, a super kiss and until the next post.

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