5 tricks to buy the right clothes

Luana could not get into her favorite e-commerce and leave without buying some clothes, however, when the pieces arrived, they were simply stagnant in the closet. Sometimes we buy on impulse, other times we only buy to make up for a bad day that we had to endure, or simply because that outfit was on sale. This doesn’t just happen to Luana, it also happens to me, to you. Buying new clothes at the moment of impulse, due to the price or because it is a trend, causes some damage: an overcrowded wardrobe, a broken credit card limit and that feeling of not having anything to wear even if you have several clothes.

You do not need to buy a truck with new clothes to be able to build a wardrobe that reflects who you are and that is practical, with functional and comfortable casual outwear pieces for your daily life. You just need to know how to work with what you already have in your wardrobe and know exactly what and where to consciously buy what you need. These changes are part of a process that begins before you enter a store. When you go shopping for clothes, do you look in the mirror and meet who you really are? Do you know what are the pieces that define who you are, but that are also practical and facilitate your day to day?

If the answer is no, look for references that connect you with your style. I finally managed to find the right path to build my wardrobe, and I only found that path after realizing that I identified a lot with two styles, Vanessa Lino, which is more basic, and Lu Ferreira, who has the same biotype that I use and abuses the prints and details on the lower clothes. It was inspired by them that I found the key piece that was missing to guide me in my shopping and creation of looks.

Do I already have something similar? Nobody needs 5 black skirts or 10 pairs of jeans. It is much more beneficial to spend money and time choosing a garment that will make a difference in your wardrobe than to buy something you already have.

Does this piece match my style? Many trends can cause euphoria and lead you to believe that you need a piece like that, which has nothing to do with your style. If you do the stripped-down and modern style, there’s no point in buying a pair of ultra-thin high-heeled shoes with a jaguar print that you won’t be wearing. When buying a piece, make sure it is your style, if you express your personality with it, and if it will be useful in your day to day.

Isn’t it better to wait until next week to make sure I need it? In cases where the urge to buy is only an impulse, waiting can make that urge pass and even be forgotten. This is a good exercise in self-control as well.

Ask these questions before you buy your tops online and rock!

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