Boot and cardigan: why they should be in your closet

If you were in my wardrobe two years ago, you would certainly find pieces with very vibrant colors, with the most varied prints, which although beautiful, did not match each other. Despite buying clothes often at that time, every time I went to dress I found it difficult to find a match. Looking back, I see that the problem was not in the clothes in my wardrobe, the problem was installed in my choices. When I went into a store, I looked for options that were on the rise or that I found beautiful in other people. I forced myself to use some pieces simply because other people did or because I found it on a very good promotion. The consequence of this was a closet full of pieces that said nothing about me.

There was no point in having a wardrobe full of colorful clothes, if I feel good with neutral tones. There is no point in having a shoe rack full of heels, if I like to wear boots. There is no point in having several shorts, if I like to wear a skirt. When I saw that my wardrobe was full of still pieces that made no sense, I stopped wanting to dress in what other people were wearing, and started to dress in the way that made me feel good. Promotion is only good if you really like that outfit, if not, it becomes lost money. Trend is only good if you really identify with it. Finding someone’s outfit beautiful does not mean that you will identify with that outfit on yourself. That’s why boots and women’s cardigans never leave my closet.

Prestarss boots for sale are practical, versatile and go with any look. In addition, they match jackets, cardigans. They don’t stay out of mine, and they can’t stay out of your wardrobe.

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