How to choose your vintage blouse?

The world is not like a fairy tale. There are no princes and princesses. There are no heroes or villains. On the contrary, if fairy tales were to describe the real world, they would be made up of people who make mistakes, who get it right, who live and who survive. In this fairy tale, princesses don’t have to marry princes, follow protocols or listen to who they are supposed to love. On the contrary, in the real world, princesses only get married if they want to, they love who they want and can choose what they want to be. In this fairy tale, princes are not obliged to be successors to the crown, nor do they need to love who is royalty. They are free to make their own decisions and know that when they grow up, they are free to flap their wings and fly wherever they want. In this fairy tale, there are no heroes or villains either, nor the bad witch. This fairy tale has no script, no crystal ball, neither fairy godmother. This fairy tale is not perfect, but it is done by us.

You have to allow yourself to use what you feel like. You have to feel beautiful. You must not give up who you are. So, I invest and I don’t regret Ninacloak’s clothes. The pieces that reflect who I am, leave me free to be whoever I want, I feel confident and beautiful. Be that way too, buy your tops online.

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