Where to buy cheap dress

A big question mark popped into my head every time someone said that everything was resolved when we allowed ourselves to be. I wondered about where I was going wrong, about what I should be that was not being. They said that our problems would be solved if we allowed ourselves to be, but to be what? I lived with this questioning for a long time, until I realized that each person has a different way of being. Each person has an intensity when it comes to love. Each person feels in a way what happens around them. Each person solves his problems in a different way. Each person has their own way of living life. Each person is different, because there is no rule when it comes to being.

To be is to feel good about yourself. Being is wearing something that brings you comfort. To be is to be for you and not for anyone. And when it comes to dressing up, be it with cheap maxi dresses. Only with them can you get cheap summer clothes and rock at all times.

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