5 ways to wear a long sleeve shirt

If you have a piece that will never go out of style, this is the women’s shirt. She has always been the infallible bet for the most diverse occasions, from a business meeting, combined with beautiful tailored pants and heels, to a walk in the mall, when she makes up a casual look with shorts or skirt and sneakers. It is possible to create several different looks with a long sleeve shirt when changing the bottom, either with jeans, twill or, to be more formal, a pair of dress pants. As the shirt is a very versatile piece, it can be used both on cooler days and in the heat too: it is possible to use a shirt with a folded sleeve in more casual situations.

It is so versatile that it allows us to create looks with different compositions, such as overlapping a piece in knitting when the weather is colder. Looseer trendy tops are synonymous with comfort and go very well with straight cut or Skinny trousers that are well modeled on the body. If you wear a high heel with this production you will waste sensuality, but to stay in the comfort line you can combine with short sneakers, Moccasin or even a sneaker. Everything will depend on what you need and here are some tips on how to use your shirt in many different ways.

Shirt with pants – We know that this is a sure and widely used combination, but we can innovate and create a more casual look if we mix a piece of jeans with dress pants, it can be the tailoring or even a pantacourt.

Shirt with shorts – Perfect combination, and if you want an even greater prominence you can give it a little hint and make the look even more relaxed.

Shirt with skirt – You can use and abuse this combination, just choose the right skirt model for the desired occasion.

Shirt as third piece – The possibilities are many, it can be used under dresses, with or without sleeves, the collar of the shirt itself becomes an adornment, if you wear it under a jumpsuit. Avoid using very heavy fabrics in the heat to avoid suffering and use and abuse cute clothing.

White shirt – It is the classic of the classics and has come to please both Greeks and Trojans. This theme is free, it suits everything. That’s why you can’t give up your white women’s shirt in your wardrobe.

Printed shirt – This piece is essential for a casual look, if the program is formal, choose a printed shirt that has small designs.

What shirt model do you like the most? Share with us!

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