How to Wear T-Shirt T-Shirt on Different Occasions

A multi-function outfit that can be worn by women of all ages and that fits well with any biotype, this can be one of the definitions of the t-shirt t-shirt. It is practically impossible not to have a lot of pieces like this one, since they are synonymous of versatility, combining with the visual in different occasions.

The piece is a model of women’s fashion tops, however, a little more worked, with a slightly refined cut, which accompanies the contour of the female body. The versatility of the t-shirt is not restricted to its use and creation of the visual, but also in its own production. It can be found in different sizes and colors and can also be produced in materials such as cotton, silk, lace, polyester or mesh. A t-shirt may well occupy the main plane in style composition, but also serves as support for you to abuse accessories, textures and colors.

So the hardest task is not to find a t-shirt that suits you, but harmonize it with the rest of the look and especially with the occasion. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few interesting combinations to keep you in the loop and rip wherever you go:

T-shirt combinations with t-shirt
One of the most practical compositions, can form basic or elegant looks, depending on the model and accessories chosen. Pants are appropriate options for work, comfort and safety, as well as leisure, such as outings or night out. For the ballad, it is possible to create special looks, such as those you can see in these 6 ways to wear basic shirt in the ballad.

T-shirt with jeans: if you do not want to miss and you are on a busy day, bet on t-shirt with jeans, which gives a casual and sophisticated air. The skinny and cropped jeans models look better with long sleeved T-shirts. The “flare” model jeans, which have a tight waistline and are wide knee-down, should be worn with the short t-shirts.

T-shirt with jogging pants: with a cute t shirts for women, this model forms a functional couple. The jogging pants, which used to be only for the sporty style, were repaginated with other fabrics and won the runways. She is very comfortable and stays loose in the body. His drawing is obtained by the width at the waist, where he has a shoelace to tie, and thinning at the ankle. Combine them with long or short T-shirt, if possible put them inside, leaving the waistband of the pants on display.

T-shirt t-shirt combinations with skirts
Just like the pants, the double t-shirt and skirt can be used for the work environment, but they are also great allies in a walk in the park, in various walks, in the ballad or even for a formal event.

T-shirt with skirt evasé: as it is a model that accentuates the waist, it looks good with loose t-shirts, putting the t-shirt inside the skirt.

T-shirt with skirt godê: have a little more volume, usually are skirts. They need to be combined with tight t-shirts that are contoured to the body, but do not mark the silhouette too much.

T-shirt t-shirt with long skirt: If the skirt has high waistband, contrast models with plain shirts and vice versa. Since long low-waist skirts are perfect with long, loose t-shirt t-shirts, abuse the details on the sleeves and shoulders.

Combinations of t-shirt t-shirt with shorts or shorts

Shorts and shorts are preferred for more leisurely occasions such as walks, barbecue, movie theaters, walks or ballads. Most of the time, shorts should match the wider t-shirt, the shorts, with shorter and tight shirts, but this is not a rule, there are several combinations that can work very well.

T-shirt with shorts: this can even be used to work, if the environment is not formal. The shorts are sophisticated with a T-shirt made of refined fabrics and with more worked accessories. One tip is to opt for twill shorts and white t-shirt t-shirt; a very harmonious look. Incidentally, white t-shirts should not be lacking in your wardrobe, as they are rich in versatility.

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