If you want a plus size prom dresses, godmother or graduation for chubby, see this tips and photos of Plus Size party dresses, for women full of style GG, and go out there revealing their curves and ruin at your party!

The extra pounds were no more reason not to dress in elegance and style. The current fashion for women Plus Size size show that it is possible to create looks suited to your silhouette without giving up being wonderful. We have already shown in other matters various styles of prom dresses, godmother or party for the chubby ones, with brands and fabrics better and better, with technology and dedicated to the public plus size. It is a fact that the collections have improved a lot, but what happens most of the time is the wrong combination of pieces.

1) Who are you in the night?

The first step to having an ideal party dress – and also any other outfit – is to know your body and know what is good or not. Has wider shoulders, too much hip, less or more chest, thin or wide waistline? “In fashion party, we can use everything as long as it respects the shape of our body,” says the experienced model plus André Boschim.

Identifying these features will define exactly which parts should be crossed out of the list and which models increase the chances of success. “As I have a more hourglass body, I prefer a very tight piece at the waist and, when it arrives in the belly, it comes out a bit wider not to mark the front so much,” explains the 27 year old model Tatiane Silvestrini.

2) Beware of the bag of potatoes

Remember that it’s important to focus on the “a little bit” part. Choosing clothes with excess fabric does not disguise the curves. On the contrary, it hides the femininity and gives the impression of having a larger mannequin. “I like dresses that make the body more evident, that mermaid style. I think it’s not because we’re overweight we’re not going to explore that side, “says 30-year-old Vivian.

Of course too-fair dresses are also not a good alternative. So for those who prefer the fitted models, choose without exaggeration the one that fits best in the body and, for women who like more loose clothing, give a chance to balance.

3) Do not Tread on the Bar

The amount of fabric is also sure to succeed or fail when the subject is length. First, let’s talk about the shortage: too short dresses are not often a good choice, because they can be uncomfortable and even unintentionally show more than ideal for an occasion that requires party attire. “Microdress does not look good because we have a thick thigh. I think a little above the knee is the best size, “says Luana Wczassek. Just below the knee is also valid.

Already the overly long dresses, of those that cover the whole foot, for example, flatten the silhouette. The ideal in these cases is to make an exact bar for those who prefer low shoes or caprichar in high heels for those who want more movement.

4) Overcome the black

“They think that chubby has to hide in the basic black,” says model 22-year-old Luana Wczassek. So, do not hide! As tempting, practical and elegant as it may be, give chances for colors that go beyond black, brown and navy blue. Red, lighter shades of blue and green and even nude and white can and should be explored. “Since they are not very marked, nude is a color that works great for brunettes,” says Larissa, 35.

The prints are also very welcome for events during the day, on a beach or in the countryside. Opting for black and smaller background designs can be a good choice when it comes to indecision. Smooth materials may also be on the days counted. Shine, lace, sequin and embroidery – in measure! – are great alternatives to get out of the sameness.

5) No shame for the cleavage!

The lap is one of the great allies in plus size fashion. Valuing and displaying the region helps make the look more harmonious and, if it becomes the focus, draws attention away from other parts of the body. Shot, the unanimity between the necklines is the “V”. He disguises the big breasts, lengthens the silhouette and leaves the production more charming.

6) Hello, waist!

Next to the neckline, the waist is another great plus point to be worn in favor of women with larger mannequins. The acrylated models are by far the most chosen and that help to value the curves without overmarking the body. Here, stand out for the tripod style models, which accentuate this region and have the skirt a little more round. Choose the best model for you at babyonline dresses.

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