7 reasons to wear more dresses everyday

Dresses are great options for varying the daily look, usually addicted to the typical combination pants and blouse. Despite this, some people still have doubts if it is worth investing in this piece. You’re one of them? So be sure of the choice.

1. ANY SEASONIt is inevitable to start by saying that the dresses are versatile. You can use a template from summer to winter, just add some add-ons. Of course there are models more suitable to some seasons, but the dress is undoubtedly a piece that transits in various climates, especially the summer maxi dresses.

2. GIVE TO USE WITH BOOT UNTIL RASTEIRINHAVariação of the first item, in the versatility aspect, also combine with several accessories. Footwear can range from a long-legged boot, through boots, scarpin, peep toes, sneakers, sneakers and skirts. The same goes for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, scarves … And for every sexy maxi dress, a face different from the look.

3. VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS The dress can also be worn in different environments, such as the professional, leisure and special occasions. Many, yet, are versatile and the same model can be used on all these occasions if creatively adorned.

4. FEELING FREEDOM The feeling of being in a tropical print dress is very different from when we chose the pants and top. In the body, the trim is tasty, with nice touch and even with sock you feel more loose. Of course, you just can not go around making fun without some finesse, forgetting that, after all, it’s like a skirt.

5. THEY ARE OVERLAPPING: You can wear a sweater, a cardigan, jackets (jeans, leather, denim), coats, blazers, trench coats … everything looks super charming with a casual cotton dresses. So nothing to find the dress is bland because there are thousands of options to compliment it and make the look more interesting.

6. WITH OR NOT MEAN dress can be even supplemented with pantyhose, which can completely change the appearance of the look. You can match the color of the sock with the bottom of the dress or dare with colored socks and textured. And if you prefer, use without sock on a warmer day and be very cool.

7. LOOK MORE FEMININE: There are days that I want to show more strongly the woman inside. So if you’re inspired to ride a more feminine look, vintage polka dot dress is great for the moment. And, make no mistake! There are graceful and delicate models, which awaken a more romantic side, but also more classic models that highlight femininity, maintaining a more formal and even professional air, when necessary.

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