Holographic bag: the new trend

This half rainbow look appears along with the craze of unicorns, mermaids and other mystical beings. But still, it’s possible to create a cool look without appearing directly out of a Katy Perry clip. For those who are afraid, the tip is to combine with more neutral, not so bold pieces and start investing in accessories – especially shoes and holographic bag, since they are less impact parts. It is worth doing a combination of tailoring and steal-color parts. The pants, which “occupy” more space in the visual, can be combined with larger knit sweaters, creating a super interesting contrast with the different styles.

The more discreet can bet on small details with the trend. A good request is to add a color swipe piece to the ballad look, such as choosing a nice handbag or even a pair of sandals or shoes. Tennis steal color? It’s very cool, too. Since the night calls for brilliance, why not dare?

Once accustomed to this whole “glow”, you can climb a little gamble on the daring and experience whole pieces, which can be a good request for New Year’s Eve parties, since the trend combines reflections of many colors. Worth dressing, dress, jumpsuit, … there it is with you!

You can combine different textures (knitting with metallized lines, sequin color …), patterns of holographic or even choose a piece of solid color as a basis to coordinate your look. White and candy colors talk well with holographic vibration. Try the Baginning models!

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