Bridesmaid Dress: Learn here to choose the ideal one

The maid of honor plays a key role in your marriage, after all you must have a very caring feeling towards that person, be it adult or child. Besides being one of the most cute moments of the ceremony and everyone is eager to see that moment. Therefore, the choice of graduation dresses should be made with great care.

Before we go the tips, let’s understand a bit about the tradition of bridesmaids. In the Middle Ages the couple were accompanied in church with a group of young men of similar age and dress, so that the evil spirits could not identify who the couple was in marriage, removing any bad feelings or negative energy. Over time, tradition was falling and giving space to the young ladies, who brought an air of grace and cuteness for the ceremonies.

According to Hindi Caló Assessoria, the dress of the bridesmaids or Graduation dresses for college does not need to be inspired in the dress of the bride. On the contrary, the bride should be prominent character in the ceremony and her dress is something exclusive. Already the children’s dress should be in harmony with the elements of the party, and can be romantic, cheerful, relaxed, colorful: everything will depend on the decoration chosen.

Another important point to note is the location and time of the ceremony. “An outdoor wedding calls for more cheerful, colorful clothes with light fabrics,” advises the advisory. Even more traditional evening parties combine with satin, embroidery, lace and more sober colors.

The use of colors in the bridesmaid dress is allowed and increasingly well accepted in the ceremonies, Purple bridesmaid dresses are the ones that combine most with everything. Again, it all depends on the context of the party. The style of the decor can combine with pastel shades, sober colors and even white dresses with bold accents.

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