Guide to how to wear sandals strappy heels

You’ve read a lot here about strappy sandals. Whether it is in suggestive ways or looks of the day, I do not give up on this simple, elegant shoe model that has the power to finalize many productions in a subtle way. However, many people ask me for tips on how to use some color variations of this model and how to put together the right look for each one. So today I bring you the definitive guide to the strip sandal and I’m already starting with the main advice!

If you are looking for comfort even on top of the high heels, I recommend with closed eyes the strappy heels. In addition to the variety of beautiful colors to live, they have a specific height of 6 centimeters, ideal for work, for partying and also for composing more relaxed! For those who are still afraid of making mistakes, choose models of colors that are closer to the tone of your skin like nude or brown. These options are ideal for elongating the silhouette in looks that normally enlarge (broaden) our image. Enjoy to wear with clothes of horizontal stripes, midi lengths, pantacourt pants, large prints, and so on …

The sandals go very well with tucked pants – which serve just to further highlight the black strappy heels. Mini lengths of skirts, shorts and dresses are also great allies. Regarding the skirts, the sandals combine with both the fairer and the rounder. As for shorts, you can invest in tailoring models or even the most stripped jeans. The sandals with ankle straps combine with a more formal look, but also with informal looks, since it gives a tighter touch on the composition.

Liked? So be sure to secure your glod strappy heels!

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