Dresslily: What do you buy with $ 40?

It was as if the world was going to disappear, it was as if I had to explore everything I could while it was time, because time seemed so limited close to the yearnings that inhabited me. In the impulse of my will, I gave everything without reserve. I remember when I was fifteen years old, my parents worked all day, and my sister used to work with studies. She spent the day practically alone, watched series, organized the house, slept, the hours were long and the days empty. Until I decided that I needed to work, I shared the idea with my mother and she said that I would talk to her boss to see if I could work in the same store as her. That day she came home from work and told me I could start the other day, a mix of emotions consumed me: I did not know if the impulse had spoken louder or if it was what I really wanted. But what I did not know was that the decision would change me completely.

After I started working I realized how hard it is to get our things with our own money, so I started to value and look for fair priced stores and I found Dresslily. My experience with the store could not have been better, with the wide variety of products it gets even difficult not wanting to buy everything.

It was only $ 40, I thought I would not buy much, but I was surprised. At $ 40 I bought at Dresllily: a white, terry-cloth rug of excellent quality, a watch for my husband who was the most beautiful thing in it, a teddy bear that is an elephant to put on the baby stroller, an organizer bag and two face towels. Incredible!

The 20% coupon code is DRESSTODL

Get your products on Dresslily already, I do not even need to say how worth it, right?

I hope you like it, a super kiss and until the next post!

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