Basic Dress: Why should every woman have one in the wardrobe?

From the basic black dress everyone has heard of, but there are many other models of dresses that, discreet but without losing elegance, combine with various productions and therefore are present in the wardrobe of most women! In general, the selerit dresses are smooth, they can be short, medium or long – which makes them fit the preferences of all women. The type of fabric also varies greatly.

For daytime looks, shoes and accessories should be more discreet as well. But for the evening, production with a basic dress should be more elaborate, with high heels and bigger earrings or necklaces, for example. Besides being super useful in the summer, with a thick pantyhose and a coat you turn any basic dress into a beautiful winter dress.

But with regard to trends, the selerit maxi dress have their advantages: they hardly go out of style. Besides, of course, to combine with the most varied productions. So having at least one basic little dress in your wardrobe is key, a purchase you’ll never regret doing!

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